Recycling Programs

Did you know that recycling 1 million mobile devices would reduce green house gas emissions equal to taking 1,368 cars off of the road for an entire year? With only 50% of Canadians aware that mobile phone recycling programs even exist, we intend to build awareness in the marketplace and redefine the mobile device management life cycle!

Go Green Wireless offers Canadian businesses responsible recycling programs that focus on environmental excellence. In addition to mobile device recycling, we also provide convenient options for recycling other electronic devices. Simply contact us to arrange a pick up at your place of business. All recycling activities comply with Ontario’s e-waste diversion program managed by Ontario Electronic Stewardship, with oversight of Waste Diversion Ontario according to the Waste Diversion Act 2002.


We Accept Computers And Network Equipment
• Desktop Computers
• Laptops
• All In One Computers
• Monitors
• Servers, Routers, Switches And Modems
• All Computer Peripherals Keyboards, Mice, Wires etc.

• All Printers Laser Or Inkjet
• Fax Machines
• Scanners
• Photocopiers
• Plotters
• Toner Cartridges

Telephones And Cell Phones
• Landline And Office Telephones
• Office Telephone Systems
• Answering Machines

Audio And Video Equipment
• Stereos, Radios, Amplifiers And Speakers
• Cameras And Camcorders
• DVD Players, VHS Players And Satellite Receivers

• All Televisions (CRT, Tube, Rear Projection, LCD, LED)
• All monitors (CRT, Tube, LCD, LED)

Wires And Cables
• All Wires And Cables
• Keyboards And Mice
• Adapters

Please ask if you have any items that are not listed.