Data Erasure Management

With the integration of credit cards, paper tickets and coupons all in one place, we are now able to board a train, pay for groceries, redeem coupons or store loyalty points, and even exchange contact information all with the wave of a smartphone. Mobile workers’ devices are critical business tools capable of accessing confidential corporate data. One can only imagine the exposure a person or company may suffer if a mobile device with sensitive data is compromised.

Go Green Wireless eliminates this risk by offering a professional data erasure solution which exceeds National and International standards. It is your corporate insurance policy!


Our integrated solution not only provides the necessary tools to overwrite data but also includes reporting capabilities, which allows organizations to establish a professional, gapless audit trail capable of meeting the modern and ever-changing demands of data protection legislation in Canada and around the World.

Verifiable reports are an essential part of compliance, regulatory and legal auditing requirements. Go Green Wireless’ data erasure solution generates comprehensive erasure reports containing critical information for the auditing process, such as:

• IMEI, Manufacturer, Model, memory size, OS version manufacturer, model, capacity and serial number
• Status of the Erasure (to establish whether the process was successful or not)
• Relevant serial numbers and Asset Tags
• Erasure method utilized
• Person performing the erasure
• Unique Digital signature for each report produced
• Individual Report ID #