Go Green Wireless is a proudly Canadian, privately owned and operated business. We are based in the greater Toronto area, with distribution partners around the world. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Canadian businesses to make environmentally responsible decisions by providing first-class mobile device re-commercing solutions, offering financial incentives for products that qualify. We strive to provide the most comprehensive solutions in the industry while positively impacting the world around us. Our business model embraces sustainability, encourages environmental responsibility and earns our customers money!

Our Services

Our services extend the productive life of mobile devices, either by repairing and returning them to their home market or by refurbishing and redistributing them to emerging markets. We repair and refurbish products to manufacturer standards, and when a product is beyond economical repair, we safely and responsibly recycle it, recovering materials that can be used for future products.

Why Go Green?

Go Green Wireless makes every effort to put ecology and economics in the same conversation. For example, to produce one tonne of copper it takes only 14 tonnes of recycled e-waste, compared to 80,000 tonnes of raw material acquired by underground mining. 90% of e-waste components can be recycled, refurbished and/or reused. They contain some of the most valuable elements mined and refined in the world today. When sustainability drives business practices and consumer behaviour, the future becomes a brighter place for everyone!